Katsutama's Commitment

Toyama Pork Cutlet Restaurant Katsutama

Born in Toyama, raised in Toyama, sticking to local Toyama food, I want many people to enjoy really delicious tonkatsu using pork from Toyama prefecture, and I want many customers to smile.

It is a pork cutlet specialty store with such passion of the owner. The Koshihikari rice from Toyama Prefecture is also plump and complements the pork cutlet that we are proud of. We call ourselves "Toyama Pork Cutlet Restaurant" so that we can become a restaurant loved by everyone in the area.

Photo: Restaurant Owner

"Katsutama" means to put our soul in the pork cutlet.

Commitment to the Finest

The aim was tonkatsu, which is extremely soft and full of gravy.

Photo: Superlative Loin Cutlet

Among the pork produced in Toyama prefecture, we use only the highest quality pork carefully selected for all menus. The state where the lean meat of loin contains a moderate amount of sashimi is exactly "marbled pork". The meat is very tight, has high water retention, and does not lose its flavor.

In order to bring out the original taste of pork, the meat is aged and stored for a certain period of time, and every day, only the required amount is carefully cut one by one at the shop.

This will minimize the leakage of gravy from the cut section.

Commitment to Deep Frying

No matter how good the meat is, if it is cooked too much, the gravy will run out and it will become hard. Until Katsuta, in order to have you eat juicy tonkatsu that is soft and full of gravy, we carefully hand-fried each one, deciding when to not miss the gravy.

The meat is slowly cooked to the center at low temperature, and the red meat has a slightly pinkish color, which is evidence that the gravy remains firmly.

Photo: Freshly Fried Loin Cutlet

Safe, Secure, Local Production for Local Consumption

Photo: Cut the Meat Carefully

It goes without saying that we will not compromise on the selection of ingredients with the motto that all customers, from adults to children, can enjoy their dishes with peace of mind.

We are particular about freshness and cooking so that we can make full use of the goodness of the ingredients that have grown abundantly with the blessings of the land of Toyama and the benefits of the four seasons.

We hope that we can contribute to regional revitalization as much as possible by using local Toyama ingredients and having many customers eat them, such as disseminating the charm of Toyama and developing Toyama's pig farming and agriculture.